Sin'ichi Takeda

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We examined the effect of magnetic force on differentiation of cultured human osteoblasts. Magnetic microparticles (MPs) were introduced into the cytoplasm of a human osteoblast cell line and the cells were cultured in a magnetic field (MF) in group MP-MF. Three groups of controls were used: cells without MPs were cultured out of MF (group C), cells without(More)
We have generated a novel model protein for an artificial light-harvesting complex composed of two proteins, cytochrome b(562) (cytb(562)) and enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP), in which two chromophores are fixed in each protein matrix. Cytb(562) was appended to the N-terminus of EGFP via a Gly-Ser linker and the resultant fusion protein was(More)
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