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We report a genetic recombination map for Sorghum of 2512 loci spaced at average 0.4 cM ( approximately 300 kb) intervals based on 2050 RFLP probes, including 865 heterologous probes that foster comparative genomics of Saccharum (sugarcane), Zea (maize), Oryza (rice), Pennisetum (millet, buffelgrass), the Triticeae (wheat, barley, oat, rye), and(More)
The cut gene in Drosophila is necessary in at least one cell type, the external sensory organs, for proper cell type specification and morphogenesis. It is also expressed in a variety of other tissues, where its function is less well characterized. Previous work has demonstrated that mutations affecting all the tissues map in the transcribed and translated(More)
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