Sinéad Holden

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In normal chewing the forces exerted on the occlusal surface seldom exceeded 10 to 15 pounds, as recorded by an eight-channel force transmitter in a removable fixed partial denture. Ninety-five percent of forces were less than 3.5 pounds for subject A, 2.0 pounds for subject B, and 10.0 pounds for subject C. The chewing frequency and the places of maximal(More)
An electromyographic study of the masseter and anterior part of the temporalis muscles was performed on ten patients presenting temporomandibular joint dysfunction symptoms. The EMG silent periods (SP) produced in the open-close-clench cycle and jaw-jerk reflex were compared for duration before and after treatment with an occlusal bite splint. Following use(More)
A longitudinal electromyographic study of the swallowing activity of the anterior temporal and masseter muscles was performed on 21 subjects with complete dentures. In six patients, the lip activity was recorded. At the pretreatment stage, when the patients had a residual anterior dentition, the peak mean voltages of the elevators showed low values (range(More)
EMG study of subjects wearing immediate complete upper and lower dentures revealed marked alterations in activity of the jaw closing muscles during the biting actions recorded. This finding suggests that changes in jaw and occlusal relationships due to resorption of residual ridges and settling of the dentures also affects jaw muscle activity. The relations(More)
In a sample of fifteen partially edentulous subjects assigned for immediate complete denture treatment, a correlation analysis was performed between pre-extraction facial morphology determined from lateral cephalograms, and EMG activity of the anterior temporal and masseter muscles in maximal clench and tapping of teeth. Marked correlations observed between(More)
Adolescent female athletes have a higher incidence of certain non-contact lower limb injuries compared to their male counterparts. Decreased postural stability is an established risk factor for lower limb injuries; however developmental-related sex differences in postural stability during adolescence have not been investigated. The objectives of this study(More)
Localization microscopy achieves nanoscale spatial resolution by iterative localization of sparsely activated molecules, which generally leads to a long acquisition time. By implementing advanced algorithms to treat overlapping point spread functions (PSFs), imaging of densely activated molecules can improve the limited temporal resolution, as has been well(More)
  • Dag Kolsrud, Ragnar Nymoen, S Holden, A Raknerud, V Sparrman
  • 2014
A standard model of equilibrium unemployment consists of static equations for real wage ambitions (wage curve) and real wage scope (price curve), which jointly determine the NAIRU. The heuristics of the model states that unless the rate of unemployment approaches the NAIRU from any given initial value, inflation will be increasing or decreasing over time.(More)