Simun Andjelinović

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The variation at 28 Y-chromosome biallelic markers was analysed in 256 males (90 Croats, 81 Serbs and 85 Bosniacs) from Bosnia-Herzegovina. An important shared feature between the three ethnic groups is the high frequency of the "Palaeolithic" European-specific haplogroup (Hg) I, a likely signature of a Balkan population re-expansion after the Last Glacial(More)
AIM To analyze the influence of the premature termination codon on mRNA transport and stability METHODS Chondrocyte mRNA was isolated from homozygous and heterozygous nanomelic 17-days old embryos and examined by RT-PCR analysis. To analyze aggrecan mRNA stability, mRNA synthesis was inhibited with DRB [5,6 dichloro-1-(-D-ribofuranosyl benzimidazole)], a(More)
Human DNA quantification by quantitative real-time PCR (QRT-PCR) has gained great importance in forensic DNA and ancient DNA studies. However, in such samples, DNA quantification is impaired by the frequently present humic acid (HA). We have previously shown that the addition of synthetic HA inhibits QRT-PCR. In this study we investigated the possible(More)
Diagnosis of late pulmonary syphilis was made in a 72-year old woman on the basis of her medical history of untreated genital syphilis, serological and radiological findings, and the response to therapy. The diagnosis was confirmed two years later by autopsy findings. There was a good correlation between chest x-ray radiography, computed tomography scans,(More)
In 2000, human skeletal remains were discovered in Split (Croatia). As archaeologists confirmed, it was an ancient skeleton accompanied by ceramics and bracelet characteristic for late Roman period whose possible violent death was excluded. The bone sample was radiocarbon dated by AMS to 1750 years. DNA was successfully extracted from the bone sample and(More)
The spatial and temporal pattern of appearance of nestin, epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) and mesothelin proteins was immunohistochemically determined in the cells of normal developing and adult human meninges and meningiomas. Human meninges developed as two mesenchymal condensations in the head region. The simple squamous epithelium on the surface of(More)
The allele frequency distributions in a series of Croats were analyzed for six unlinked polymorphic DNA loci: THO1, FESFPS, VWA01, APOB, D1S80, and D17S5. The allele frequencies were determined for 100 unrelated genomic DNA samples. The observed heterozygote frequencies of the loci ranged from 0.63 to 0.76; however, the the expected heterozygosity ranged(More)
INTRODUCTION There are four theories about the origin of syphilis, of which the mostly represented one is the Columbian theory. This theory suggests that syphilis was brought into Europe in 1493 ad by the ship from Caribbean islands. AIM The aim of this study is to test all theories on a sample of 403 skeletons: 135 from prehistory, 134 from antique, and(More)
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