Simpson K C Ng

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AIM OF STUDY To describe the residents of a nursing home for the elderly in terms of their socio-demographic profile, mental and physical attributes, functional abilities and existing medical problems. METHOD A random sample of 120 subjects was obtained from a total of 350 residents in a voluntary welfare nursing home. Two subjects were excluded as they(More)
We describe a novel technique, previously applied to small children, for adult one-lung anaesthesia in which a single-lumen endotracheal tube is used with an endobronchial balloon blocker The main aims of the technique are to reduce the likelihood of cephalad displacement of the balloon into the trachea and to facilitate directional placement of the(More)
We present nine cases of one-lung anaesthesia in small children and infants in which a novel technique was used to reduce the risk of endobronchial blocker retrograde dislodgement. The technique involved threading the stem of the blocker through the Murphy eye of the endotracheal tube (ETT) and deliberately passing the tip of the ETT all the way to the(More)
Additional evidence for the rare kaon decay K+-->pi+nu(nu) has been found in a new data set with comparable sensitivity to the previously reported result. One new event was observed in the pion momentum region examined, 211<P<229 MeV/c, bringing the total for the combined data set to two. Including all data taken, the backgrounds were estimated to(More)
We evaluated the performance of seven existing risk scoring systems in predicting advanced colorectal neoplasia in an asymptomatic Chinese cohort. We prospectively recruited 5,899 Chinese subjects aged 50-70 years in a colonoscopy screening programme(2008-2014). Scoring systems under evaluation included two scoring tools from the US; one each from Spain,(More)
We conducted a small pilot observational study of the effects of bilateral thoracic paravertebral block (BTPB) as an adjunct to perioperative analgesia in coronary artery bypass surgery patients. The initial ropivacaine dose prior to induction of general anaesthesia was 3 mg/kg, which was followed at the end of the surgery by infusion of ropivacaine 0.25%(More)
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