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Several new tests are proposed for examining the adequacy of a family of parametric models against large nonparametric alternatives. These tests formally check if the bias vector of residuals from parametric ts is negligible by using the adaptive Neyman test and other methods. The testing procedures formalize the traditional model diagnostic tools based on(More)
A goodness–of–fit test for two–component homoscedastic and homothetic mixtures of normal distributions is proposed. The tests are based on a weighted L2–type distance between the empirical characteristic function and its population counterpart, where in the latter, parameters are replaced by consistent estimators. Consequently the resulting tests are(More)
Keywords: GARCH model Goodness-of-fit test Symmetry test Empirical characteristic function Bootstrap test a b s t r a c t Goodness-of-fit and symmetry tests are proposed for the innovation distribution in generalized autoregressive conditionally heteroscedastic models. The tests utilize an integrated distance involving the empirical characteristic function(More)