Simone Youngblood

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Six simulation professionals present their views on the directions that they believe that verification, validation, and accreditation research should take. Two of the six are active verification, validation, and accreditation researchers from academia, two develop industry simulation models, and two work in verification, validation, and accreditation of(More)
mazing advances in software, computer, and network technology occurred during the 1990s. These advances contributed significantly to the increasing impact of models and simulations on numerous scientific and defense-related domains including medical diagnosis, system acquisition and development, planning and analysis, and training. A growing emphasis on(More)
L day, much greater emphasis is being placed on both the correctness and credibility of models and simulations because of increased concern about the legal liabilities associated with them and reduced defense budgets which are forcing greater reliance on models and simulations within DoD. Consequently, model and simulation verification, validation, and(More)
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