Simone Verardi

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PURPOSE To understand the contribution of stromal cells, such as granulation tissue fibroblasts, to peri-implantitis with regard to (1) the secretion of constitutive factors promoting migration/survival of infiltrates into osseointegrated sites; and (2) the effect of exogenous infiltrate cytokines on the cells' secretion. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fibroblasts(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The pathogenesis of periodontitis includes an inappropriate activation of the classical complement cascade (C') with accumulation of inflammatory C' products in fluids and tissues. Our hypothesis is that in vivo the C' product, C1q, may act as a regulatory component of the innate immune response of distinct matrix fibroblasts to the(More)
UNLABELLED Guided bone regeneration (GBR) has been used extensively since its introduction in the late 1980s. In such treatment, e-PTFE membranes are often preferred because of their inert biological features and the predictability of the barrier effect. One complication of GBR is the premature exposure of the membrane. A consequence of the resulting soft(More)
SELECTION CRITERIA This study undertook a network meta-analyses of studies comparing the effect of enamel matrix derivatives when used alone or in combination with bone grafts and/or membranes in the treatment of infrabony periodontal defects. A literature search was conducted on several medical databases (Medline, EMBASE, LILACS, and CENTRAL) and also on(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional methods of procuring mandibular symphysis bone grafts may leave soft tissue scarring, and cause paresthesia and lip droop. METHODS Nineteen patients selected for treatment were given general health, periodontal, and radiographic evaluations. Patients had inadequate bone volume for dental implant placement or required preprosthetic(More)
The presence of a wide nasopalatine canal and the lack of an adequate ridge width may affect the correct placement of implants in the central incisor area. This could lead to functional and esthetic problems. This article describes bone grafting of the canal and concurrent ridge augmentation to obtain adequate bone quantity and quality and to allow correct(More)
Treating patients with "gummy smiles" and improving smile esthetics has become an integral part of dentistry. It is necessary to conduct an accurate diagnosis of what may be multiple causes that coexist simultaneously. Though all causes may not be resolved following treatment, they should be identified; otherwise it might not be possible to conduct an(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Current therapies for peri-implantitis apply the same clinical protocols as those used for the treatment of periodontitis; however, outcomes remain unpredictable. We hypothesized that resident fibroblasts of the peri-implantitis stroma and periodontitis stroma differ in their phenotype and response to host immune factors.(More)
Osseous resective surgery has been widely advocated in the treatment of periodontitis. The treatment traditionally has been done with rotary and manual instruments, but piezoelectric devices recently have also been used. A total of 20 adult patients diagnosed with moderate to severe chronic periodontitis were selected. A split-mouth study design was(More)