Simone Sturniolo

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This paper explores the capability of using the DFT-D ab initio random structure searching (AIRSS) method to generate crystal structures of organic molecular materials, focusing on a system (m-aminobenzoic acid; m-ABA) that is known from experimental studies to exhibit abundant polymorphism. Within the structural constraints selected for the AIRSS(More)
A model system consisting of an isotropic ensemble of spin pairs, where dipole-dipole interaction is assumed to be effective only within each pair, is considered. The ideal segment connecting the spins in a couple has a fixed length but is free to rotate following a diffusion dynamics. This allows the free induction decay (FID) to be derived(More)
We introduce two open source tools to aid the processing and visualisation of ab-initio computed solid-state NMR parameters. The Magres file format for computed NMR parameters (as implemented in CASTEP v8.0 and QuantumEspresso v5.0.0) is implemented. MagresView is built upon the widely used Jmol crystal viewer, and provides an intuitive environment to(More)
In this article, we introduce and apply a methodology, based on density functional theory and the gauge-including projector augmented wave approach, to explore the effects of packing interactions on solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) parameters. A visual map derived from a so-termed "magnetic shielding contribution field" can be made of the(More)
One dimensional (1)H NMR measurements have been performed to probe slow molecular motions in nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) around its calorimetric glass transition temperature Tg. The purpose is to show how software aided data analysis can extract meaningful dynamical data from these measurements. Spin-lattice relaxation time, free induction decay (FID)(More)
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