Simone Strippgen

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In most cases natural language processing is seen as an isolated cognitive capability of a system. Language understanding is often restricted to the mapping of natural language expressions into an internal semantic representation, whereas language production takes an explicit semantic representation as input, from which a natural language utterance is(More)
A VIRTUAL LABORATORY FOR DESIGN, TEST AND EVALUATION OF AUTONOMOUS AGENTS Simone Strippgen University of Bielefeld Department of Linguistics and Literature P.O. Box 100131, 33501 Bielefeld, Germany E-mail: ABSTRACT This paper introduces the 3D simulation environment INSIGHT, a virtual laboratory, which is carefully designed to(More)
Action-centered communication between a human instructor and a robot requires new methods of language processing. In this paper, we present an approach which considers natural language processing not in isolation but as a distributed competence of an artiicial agent. We introduce a hybrid architecture which combines a behavior-oriented base system with a(More)
This paper introduces a 3D simulation environment for experiments with behavior-based autonomous agents. The virtual laboratory INSIGHT allows the user to design and run a great variety of experiments in a timeand cost-saving manner. The peculiarity of INSIGHT is the visualization of the internal dynamics, thus the \inner life" of the agent can be made(More)