Simone Strippgen

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In traditional human-computer communication, phenomena like ellipses, indirect speech acts and situated object or action references are often ignored. However, the situation is different if a human and an agent sense and act in a common environment. Under these circumstances new methods of language processing are needed. In the following we analyse(More)
In most cases natural language processing is seen as an isolated cognitive capability of a system. Language understanding is often restricted to the mapping of natural language expressions into an internal semantic representation , whereas language production takes an explicit semantic representation as input, from which a natural language utterance is(More)
This paper introduces the 3D simulation environment INSIGHT , a virtual laboratory, which is carefully designed to complement experiments with mobile robots in complex environments. INSIGHT supports the design and debugging of control concepts for behaviour-based autonomous agents and allows to study the eeects of the systematic variation of(More)
Action-centered communication between a human instructor and a robot requires new methods of language processing. In this paper, we present an approach which considers natural language processing not in isolation but as a distributed competence of an artiicial agent. We introduce a hybrid architecture which combines a behavior-oriented base system with a(More)
This paper introduces a 3D simulation environment for experiments with behavior-based autonomous agents. The virtual laboratory INSIGHT allows the user to design and run a great variety of experiments in a time-and cost-saving manner. The peculiarity of INSIGHT is the visu-alization of the internal dynamics, thus the \inner life" of the agent can be made(More)