Simone Spagnoli

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The two species of elephants (Indian: Elephas maximus and African: Loxodonta africana) possess the largest brain among land mammals. Due to its size, the elephant brain is discussed in virtually every paper dealing with the evolution of the central nervous system of mammals and comparative brain size. Studies on the social habits of elephants also deal with(More)
The Italian regulations about Web content accessibility impose HTML 4.01 strict, XHTML 1.0 strict or superior grammar validity. Such markup constraints are complied by a low percentage of Public Institution sites. In order to include the largest amount of not strict DTD sites on a synthetic, realistic representation of accessibility degree, this paper(More)
Chordomas are uncommon neoplasms arising from notochord remnants, most commonly occurring in the axial skeleton. Extraskeletal soft tissue chordomas are rare primary tumors, and primary alimentary tract chordomas have not been reported. Herein we report 24 cases of spontaneous primary intestinal chordomas in zebrafish, as well as 9 spontaneous vertebral(More)
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