Simone Simonetti

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The study examined the recognition of emotional speech as a function of the clarity of expression, the modality of presentation, and participants’ age (Mage = 19.8 vs. 73.9). Based on the results of a previous study, expression clarity was varied by selecting AuditoryVisual (AV) recordings of one actor who had well recognised expressions of anger,(More)
Talkers can express different meanings or emotions without changing what is said by changing how it is said (by using both auditory and/or visual speech cues). Typically, cue strength differs between the auditory and visual channels: linguistic prosody (expression) is clearest in audition; emotional prosody is clearest visually. We investigated how well(More)
Older adults perform worse than younger adults in recognising auditory linguistic prosody. Such problems may result from deterioration at the sensory level (e.g., hearing loss). The current study used a novel approach to examine this, by determining older adult’s performance on a visual prosody task. If older adults are able to process visual prosody this(More)
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