Simone Schuler

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS There still is a lack of prospective studies on bone mineral development in patients with a history of early onset Anorexia nervosa (AN). Therefore we assessed associations between bone mass accrual and clinical outcomes in a former clinical sample. In addition to an expected influence of regular physical activity and hormone replacement(More)
This work explores the role of cycles in consensus seeking networks for analysis and synthesis purposes. Cycles are critical for many reasons including improving the convergence rate of the system, resilience to link failures, and the overall performance of the system. The focus of this work examines how cycles impact the H2 performance of consensus(More)
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LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) systems are able to provide preview information of wind disturbances at various distances in front of wind turbines. This information can be used to improve the control of wind turbines. This paper compares a predictive feedforward control structure combined with common PI controllers to a baseline controller and to an H∞(More)
The goal of this paper is to introduce a compositional modeling framework for the energy management of a smart grid that operates connected to the main grid. The focus is on the cooling of a district network composed of multiple buildings that possibly share resources such as storages, chillers, combined heat and power units, and renewable power generators.(More)
In the framework of a contract with the European Space Agency, RUAG Space are developing a Coarse Pointing Assembly for an Optical Communication Terminal with the goal to enable high-bandwidth data exchange between GEO and/or LEO satellites as well as to earth-bound ground stations. This paper describes some development and testing aspects of such a high(More)
We present the design simulation and characterization of a quantum cascade detector operating at 4.3μm wavelength. Array integration and packaging processes were investigated. The device operates in the 4.3μm CO<sub>2</sub> absorption region and consists of 64 pixels. The detector is designed fully compatible to standard processing and material growth(More)
The next generation wide-field X-ray telescope (WFXT), to be implemented beyond eRosita and proposed within the NASA RFI call 2011, requires an angular resolution of less than 10 arcsec (with goal of 5”) constant across a wide field of view (1 deg). To achieve this requirement the design is based on nested modified grazing incidence Wolter-I mirrors with(More)