Simone Pulvirenti

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Endometriotic peritoneal implants of small dimensions were discovered in five patients undergoing laparoscopic examination for diseases unrelated to endometriosis. All patients were asymptomatic for endometriosis and each had undergone at least one previous cesarean section. Biopsies taken were studied by light microscopy which evidenced variably(More)
The authors describe a case of a submucosal lipoma of the large intestine. Family, physiological, and remote anamnesis of the patient was negative to inflammatory or neoplastic intestinal diseases. The symptomatology was not characteristic like the several cases reported in the literature, by abdominal cramps, subocclusion or total occlusion crisis and(More)
The authors report a case of HIV-1 infection, primary miliary tuberculosis of the lung and secondary intestinal tuberculosis complicated with multiple intestinal perforations. The surgical emergency therapy, supported by specific antitubercular drugs, antibiotics, and total parenteral nutrition, consisted in suturing seven perforative sites of the small and(More)
Recent studies in spontaneously breathing subjects indicate the possibility of obtaining the alveolar fraction of exhaled breath condensate (aEBC). In critically ill mechanically ventilated patients, in whom microbial colonization of the upper airways is constant, collection of aEBC could considerably add to the ability of monitoring alveolar inflammation.(More)
The case of a six-year-old girl suffering from recurrent abdominal pain is reported. On the basis of the laboratory tests and a number of other clinical investigations, the diagnosis of ascaridiasis was made. At scanning electron microscopy the ultrastructural study of the bioptic fragments obtained during endoscopy showed peculiar lesions of the gastric(More)
We report a case of transitional papillary carcinoma of the distal left ureter. The histological and ultrastructural features were seen and compared by SEM and TEM. Observations confirm the data of literature that the deep cells of neoplasm are a normal morphological finding while the superficial cells do not have the characteristics present in normal(More)
The Authors describe a case of dessicant pseudomembranous vaginitis caused by HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18 in a 44-year-old HIV seropositive woman. A material mixed with blood, simulating a spontaneous abortion because of its quantity and consistency, was ejected vaginally. A spontaneous abortion was excluded on the basis of a pelvic echographic exam and on(More)
Gastric leiomyoblastoma of Martin's myoid tumour or Stout's smooth muscle cell bizarre tumour is a rare benign mesenchymal neoplasia, that may become malignant. A personal clinical case is reported and the most important clinical and anatomopathological aspects are reviewed, stress being laid on the importance of identifying the macroscopic and histological(More)
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