Simone Potenza

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To achieve lower energy consumption many green strategies (e.g. virtualize applications and consolidate them on shared server machines, or optimize the usage of the private cloud by opening up to external consumers) have been discussed. In practice, however, the major incentive for a company to go green is reducing costs. While green strategies often focus(More)
Data centers represent today's major energy consumers. This is especially true in the Netherlands, informally called "the data center country" for Amsterdam includes 33% of the data centers of the whole European Union. To address this problem, the Dutch Government initiated the MJA (Meerjarenafspraken, or in English multiannual agreements), a nationwide(More)
—A main incentive in favor of migrating to the cloud is delegating the management of large volumes of data to cloud providers. To make the notion of data cloud successful, providers must ensure availability, reliability, and data integrity among other qualities. Few researches so far have addressed the potential benefits data cloud provisioning can offer(More)
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