Simone Pittaccio

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OBJECTIVES AND BACKGROUND In the Fontan circulation, pulmonary and systemic vascular resistances are in series. The influence of various inferior vena cava to pulmonary artery connections in this unique circulatory arrangement was evaluated using computation fluid dynamics methods. METHODS Realistic three-dimensional models of total cavopulmonary(More)
The surgical repair of congenital heart disease often involves significant modifications to the circulatory tree. Resections, reconstructions, graft insertions and the deployment of implants and biomedical devices have an impact on local and systemic haemodynamics, which may be difficult to foresee or to assess quantitatively by clinical investigation(More)
Surgical interventions on the arterial wall can produce modifications to its tissue characteristics, and the addition of synthetic materials of different types can have implications on hemodynamics and blood vessel wall behavior. This work studies the midterm effects of end-to-end anastomosis (E/E), Gore-tex graft interposition (GGI) and Gore-tex patch(More)
The surgical reconstruction of the aortic arch is necessary in pediatric patients suffering from different types of congenital heart malformations, in particular, coarctation of the aorta. Among the reconstruction techniques used in surgical practice end-to-end anastomosis (E/E), Gore-tex graft interposition (GGI) and Gore-tex patch graft aortoplasty (GPGA)(More)
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