Simone Pascucci

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This study aims at comparing the capability of different sensors to detect land cover materials within an historical urban center. The main objective is to evaluate the added value of hyperspectral sensors in mapping a complex urban context. In this study we used: (a) the ALI and Hyperion satellite data, (b) the LANDSAT ETM+ satellite data, (c) MIVIS(More)
This paper describes a fast procedure for evaluating asphalt pavement surface defects using airborne emissivity data. To develop this procedure, we used airborne multispectral emissivity data covering an urban test area close to Venice (Italy).For this study, we first identify and select the roads' asphalt pavements on Multispectral Infrared Visible Imaging(More)
The ISTIMES project, funded by the European Commission in the frame of a joint Call "ICT and Security" of the Seventh Framework Programme, is presented and preliminary research results are discussed. The main objective of the ISTIMES project is to design, assess and promote an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)-based system, exploiting(More)
We study the simplification of normal logic programs under the P-Stable semantics, with respect to the notions of equivalence, using many of the transformation rules found in literature in the context of Answer Set Programming (ASP). A schema for the implementation of P-Stable semantics is provided using two well known open source tools: Lparse and Minisat.(More)
Different landscape elements, including archaeological remains, can be automatically classified when their spectral characteristics are different, but major difficulties occur when extracting and classifying archaeological spectral features, as archaeological remains do not have unique shape or spectral characteristics. The spectral anomaly characteristics(More)
—The demand from water resources management authorities has progressively increased in the last decade given the direct impacts by human activities, which may cause an irreversible damage to the local natural water balance in coastal and transition regions. The needs of useful tools for monitoring, understanding and managing the water resource are an(More)