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Vocational education in Germany is characterised by a learning venue cooperation between vocational schools and vocational training companies. For a better combination of theory and practice the curricula in the field of computer science (CS) and information and communication technologies (IT) are arranged in so-called "Lernfelder" (learning fields), which(More)
Vocational schools in Germany are part of the compulsory school system, but they differ from other secondary school types. They combine theory and practice by using learning venue cooperation between schools and vocational training companies. Taking this into account the curricula in the field of computer science (CS) and information and communication(More)
Professional IT education and training in Germany consists primarily of two parts: students attend part time vocational school and work as apprentices and employees at their training companies. To promote learning venue cooperation between the partners of vocational education, the curricula in the fields of computer science (CS) and information and(More)
Das Konzept der Lernfelder wird in den IT-Berufen an vielen Schulen zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt kaum in handlungsorientierte Lernsituationen umgesetzt. Aus diesem Grund streben wir an, für die Berufe des IT-Bereichs durchgängige Lernsituationen für verschiedene Lernfelder unter Verwendung unterschiedlicher Unterrichtsmittel zu entwickeln und zu evaluieren. Im(More)
The German vocational education is based on cooperation between training companies and vocational schools. To consider the ever-expanding demand on professional action competency, the curriculum of vocational schools also defines so-called learning fields ("Lernfelder") for the profession of IT specialist. Learning fields describe didactically reduced(More)
The first results of different new sheet-bulk forming methods are presented in the article. It is shown how an additional superimposing of oscillation can be attached to the forming punch in order to improve the forming limit of the sheet material. New coating and atmospheric plasma-nitriding methods for processing of the forming tools (for improving of(More)
Professions in computer science are constantly changing and developing. Nevertheless, some fundamental working processes remain despite of this process of change. These working processes include competencies and skills a computer specialist has to deal with. For further development of the profession and enhancement of its curriculum, these working processes(More)