Simone N. De Luca

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— IP satellite networks are gaining a considerable interest and this is mainly due to their ability to deliver high bandwidth services to nationwide areas. Some difficulties exist, however, to implement IP based transport mechanisms on geostationary satellite networks. TCP based protocols performance are heavily affected by the large delay-bandwidth product(More)
Obesity can lead to cognitive dysfunction including poor performance in memory tasks. However, poor memory is not seen in all obese humans and takes several months to develop in animal models, indicating the adult brain is relatively resistant to obesity’s cognitive effects. We have seen that, in the rat, overfeeding for as little as 3 weeks in early life(More)
This paper presents a Turbo Multiuser Detector for Turbo-Coded DS-CDMA systems, based on the utilization of a PIC and a bank of turbo decoders, in which the PIC performs interference cancellation after each constituent decoder of the turbo decoding scheme. Moreover, the soft output of turbo decoders are used iteratively to improve the updating step of the(More)
In the last years one of the main technological effort in satellite communications is the integration of digital broadcast services with two-way communications: this is justified by the research of new business perspective and in the increase of technological efficiency. Traditionally, common air interface (CAI) standards have been rigorously defined in(More)
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