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Maximal voluntary isometric torque values of the ankle plantar (Tim,PF) and dorsal flexors (Tim,DF) were assessed in eight healthy adult males at 5 degrees and 15 degrees of dorsal flexion (DF) and at 5 degrees, 15 degrees and 25 degrees of plantar flexion (PF) with the knee at right angles, before (two times), during (three times) and after (three times)(More)
This poster overviews the main characteristics of a flexible retrieval systems of shapes present in binary images and discusses some evaluation results. The system applies multiple indexing criteria of the shapes synthesizing distinct characteristics such as global features of the objects contour (Fourier Coefficients), boundary irregularities (Multifractal(More)
Researchers examined the extent to which short-term bed rest affects maximal isometric force produced by the plantar and dorsal flexors of the ankle. Results indicate an increase in average values of maximal isometric torque throughout the study, a significant increase in isometric EMG between control and bed rest subjects, and a significant isometric EMG(More)
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