Simone Martins de Oliveira

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Macrophages play a significant role in the host defence mechanism. When activated they can produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) as well as related reactive nitrogen species (RNS). ROS are produced via NAD(P)H oxidase which catalyzes superoxide (O2-) formation. It is subsequently converted to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) by either spontaneous or enzyme-mediated(More)
A structural study of the carbohydrates from Trebouxia sp., the algal symbiont of the lichen Ramalina gracilis demonstrated a galactofuranan-rich heteropolysaccharide, which was predominated by (1-->5)-linked galactofuranosyl units with side-chains in position 6 on approximately 11.0% of the units. The side-chains have very complex branched structures. This(More)
BACKGROUND In the search for new therapies novel drugs and medications are being discovered, developed and tested in laboratories. Highly diluted substances are intended to enhance immune system responses resulting in reduced frequency of various diseases, and often present no risk of serious side-effects due to its low toxicity. Over the past years our(More)
BACKGROUND Macrophages play central roles in homeostasis as well as host defence in innate and acquired immunity, auto-immunity and immunopathology. Our research group has demonstrated the effects of highly diluted toxic substances in macrophages. AIM To investigate if highly diluted Mercurius solubilis (Merc sol), can activate or modulate macrophage(More)
The performance of a moderately shorter fixation protocol for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was evaluated by analyzing the cell structure quality after the processing. The relevance of this experimental technique is mainly based on reducting time of the steps of conventional protocols: fixation, washes, dehydration, and epoxy resin infiltration.(More)
Canova (CA) is a complex homeopathic medication used in diseases where the immune system is depressed. Previous studies demonstrated that it is neither toxic nor mutagenic and activates macrophages. We now evaluate CA effects on cytokine production and gene expression from mice macrophages. The global view of changes in expression of genes with known(More)
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