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We prove that orthogonal constructor term rewrite systems and lambda-calculus with weak (i.e., no reduction is allowed under the scope of a lambda-abstraction) call-by-value reduction can simulate each other with a linear overhead. In particular, weak call-by-value beta-reduction can be simulated by an orthogonal constructor term rewrite system in the same(More)
Sharing graphs are an implementation of linear logic proof-nets in such a way that their reduction never duplicate a redex. In their usual formulations, proof-nets present a problem of coherence: if the proof-net N reduces by standard cut-elimination to N 0 , then, by reducing the sharing graph of N we d o not obtain the sharing graph of N 0. W e s o l v e(More)
In 1998 Asperti and Mairson proved that the cost of reducing a lambda-term using an optimal lambda-reducer (a la Lévy) cannot be bound by any elementary function in the number of shared-beta steps. We prove in this paper that an analogous result holds for Lamping's abstract algorithm. That is, there is no elementary function in the number of shared beta(More)