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The most heavily cratered terrains on Mercury have been estimated to be about 4 billion years (Gyr) old, but this was based on images of only about 45 per cent of the surface; even older regions could have existed in the unobserved portion. These terrains have a lower density of craters less than 100 km in diameter than does the Moon, an observation(More)
–We present global lithological maps of the Vestan surface based on Dawn mission's Visible InfraRed (VIR) Spectrometer acquisitions with a spatial sampling of 200 m. The maps confirm the results obtained with the data set acquired by VIR with a spatial sampling of 700 m, that the reflectance spectra of Vesta's surface are dominated by pyroxene absorptions(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the rapidly expanding body of biomedical literature, biologists require increasingly sophisticated and efficient systems to help them to search for relevant information. Such systems should account for the multiple written variants used to represent biomedical concepts, and allow the user to search for specific pieces of knowledge (or(More)
During its first two flybys of Mercury, the MESSENGER spacecraft acquired images confirming that pervasive volcanism occurred early in the planet's history. MESSENGER's third Mercury flyby revealed a 290-kilometer-diameter peak-ring impact basin, among the youngest basins yet seen, having an inner floor filled with spectrally distinct smooth plains. These(More)
The extraction of information from texts requires resources that contain both syntactic and semantic properties of lexical units. As the use of language in specialized domains, such as biology, can be very different to the general domain, there is a need for domain-specific resources to ensure that the information extracted is as accurate as possible. We(More)
This paper introduces the POESIA internet filtering system, which is open-source, and which combines standard filtering methods, such as positive/negative URL lists, with more advanced techniques, such as image processing and NLP-enhanced text filtering. The description here focusses on components providing textual content filtering for three European(More)
We describe here a methodology to combine two different techniques for Semantic Relation Extraction from texts. On the one hand, generic lexico-syntactic patterns are applied to the linguistically analyzed corpus to detect a first set of pairs of co-occurring words, possibly involved in " syntagmatic " relations. On the other hand, a statistical(More)
–The Dawn spacecraft mission has provided extensive new and detailed data on Vesta that confirm and strengthen the Vesta–howardite–eucrite–diogenite (HED) meteorite link and the concept that Vesta is differentiated, as derived from earlier telescopic observations. Here, we present results derived by newly calibrated spectra of Vesta. The comparison between(More)
The paper describes a system for the automatic consolidation of Italian legislative texts to be used as a support of an editorial consolidating activity and dealing with the following typology of textual amendments: repeal, substitution and integration. The focus of the paper is on the semantic analysis of the textual amendment provisions and the formalized(More)
The domain adaptation task was aimed at investigating techniques for adapting state–of–the–art dependency parsing systems to new domains. Both the language dealt with, i.e. Italian, and the target domain , namely the legal domain, represent two main novelties of the task organised at Evalita 2011. In this paper, we define the task and describe how the(More)