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RTAI-Lab is a tool chain for real-time software and control system development. This tutorial shows how to install the various components: the RTAI real-time Linux kernel, the Comedi interface for control and measurement hardware, the Scilab/Scicos GUI-based CACSD modeling software and associated RTAI-Lab blocks, and the xrtailab interactive oscilloscope.(More)
— Scilab and Scicos are open-source and free software packages for design, simulation and realization of industrial process control systems. They can be used as the center of an integrated platform for the complete development process, including running controller with real plant (Scicos-HIL: Hardware In the Loop) and automatic code generation for real time(More)
—In industrial contexts it might be useful to deploy Wireless Sensor Networks to constantly monitor the status of a plant. At early design stage of any monitoring application, it is envisaged to reinforce real-time paradigms both for task execution and node-to-node communication. Model driven applications are usually seamless provided the system description(More)
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