Simone Kimpeler

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  • Zielsetzung Und Vorgehensweise, Eine Bestandsaufnahme, +17 authors Manfred Broy
  • 2001
Informatik_Spektrum_24_April_2001 81 Die Datenerhebung und Analyse, die diesem Artikel zugrunde liegt, wurde im Auftrag des BMBF erstellt. Das BMBF war an der Abfas-sung der Aufgabenstellung und der wesentlichen Randbedingun-gen beteiligt. Das BMBF hat das Ergebnis der Datenerhebung und Analyse nicht beeinflusst; die Autoren tragen allein die Verantwor-tung.
The paper describes an eParticipation project, piloted in four EU countries: Estonia, Germany, Ireland and the UK. HUWY, Hub Websites for Youth Participation, was an initiative where young people were invited to think about current and future problems of the Internet and propose solutions, within the framework of a <i>distributed discussion</i>. This paper(More)
Several studies recently identified risks and advantages to young people in using the Internet and explicitly recognise the importance of young people’s informed involvement in tackling these issues. This paper presents the approach, implementation and lessons learned from a recently finished European eParticipation pilot: HUWY. The aim of HUWY (Hub(More)
Over the past decade, basic approaches in research that aimed specifically at the regional development have been widely revived. Changes in technology and society over the past years, especially digitalisation, individualisation, immigration and demografic change, call for a re-evaluation of present approaches in research (Koschatzky 2003). Pivotal to the(More)
Information technology in the health sector will continue to be an important topic in the oncoming years. This offers interfaces for new market potential for IT companies. However, which information technologies bring about change? This was the initial question for a Delphi study in the context of the research project FAZIT. In order to find answers to this(More)
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