Simone Hettmer

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As the systemic administration of etoposide is effective in the treatment of relapsed and metastatic brain tumours, a pilot trial was designed to study the feasibility of intraventricular administration of etoposide in such patients. 14 patients aged 2.1 to 33.2 years were treated with intraventricular etoposide simultaneously with either oral or(More)
Tumor ganglioside metabolism has been implicated in modulating tumor formation and progression. We found previously that transient ganglioside depletion by inhibition of glucosylceramide synthesis of MEB4 melanoma cells in vitro reduced their tumorigenic capability. Here, we have established that treatment of the host with a novel p.o. inhibitor of(More)
Ganglioside metabolism has been linked to the clinical and biological behavior of human neuroblastoma. This study investigated the importance of differences in complex "b" ganglioside (GD1b, GT1b, and GQ1b; designated CbG) expression in this tumor. Gangliosides of 74 neuroblastomas were analyzed by high-performance TLC. Associations of CbG expression with(More)
Recent findings link increased expression of the structurally complex 'b' pathway gangliosides GD1b, GT1b, GQ1b (CbG) to a favourable clinical and biological behaviour in human neuroblastoma (NB). Seeking a model to probe these observations, we evaluated four human NB cell lines. Very low CbG content (4-10%) in three of the four cell lines (LAN-5, LAN-1,(More)
Relatively little is known about the epidemiology and factors underlying susceptibility to childhood rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS). To better characterize genetic susceptibility to childhood RMS, we evaluated the role of family history of cancer using data from the largest case-control study of RMS and the Utah Population Database (UPDB). RMS cases (n = 322) were(More)
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