Simone Graber

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Sub-lethal excitotoxic injury to dendrites can elicit loss or shrinkage of dendritic spines. Here, we used a cell culture model of sub-lethal NMDA-induced injury to investigate a role for proteolysis in spine collapse. Transient incubation with NMDA-induced spine collapse and spine F-actin loss within 10 min, an effect not mimicked by the actin assembly(More)
Exposure of cultured bovine pulmonary endothelial cells to endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide, LPS) causes cytotoxicity and increased prostacyclin production. Since cyclic nucleotides have been proposed as modulators of inflammation, we wondered whether they were involved in LPS-induced endothelial damage. Bovine pulmonary endothelial cells were exposed for 24 h(More)
Dendritic spines are key players in information processing in the brain. Changes in spine shape and wholesale spine turnover provide mechanisms for modifying existing synaptic connections and altering neuronal connectivity. Although neuronal cell death in acute and chronic neurodegenerative diseases is clearly an important factor in decline of cognitive or(More)
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