Simone Ferraresi

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Integrin alpha 6 beta 4 is expressed in human peripheral nerves, but not in the central nervous system. This integrin heterodimer has previously been found in perineural fibroblast-like cells and in Schwann cells (SCs), which both assemble a basement membrane but do not form hemidesmosomes. We show here that in SCs, which had formed a myelin sheath, alpha 6(More)
—Firewalls and Security Gateways are core elements in network security infrastructure. As networks and services become more complex, managing access-list rules becomes an error-prone task. Conflicts in a policy can cause holes in security, and can often be hard to find while performing only visual or manual inspection. First, we have defined a methodology(More)
One of the most critical aspects of security problems is the impossibility of accurately checking a system real weaknesses. In a complex and distributed environment this problem is greatly accentuated. During the process of configuration and implementation of the network security policies errors can occur, resulting in holes in security and, consequently,(More)
The molecular mechanisms necessary for remyelination by oligodendrocytes remain unexplored. We previously characterized a myelin basic protein promoter-lacZ (MBP-lacZ) transgene whose expression is regulated uniquely during development, and also in pathological situations, suggesting that it may be a useful reporter of molecular mechanisms during(More)
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