Simone Diermeier

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BACKGROUND Growth factors and Herceptin specifically and differentially modulate cell proliferation of tumor cells. However, the mechanism of action on erbB-receptor level is incompletely understood. We evaluated Herceptin's capacity to modulate erbB-receptor activation and interaction on the cell surface level and thereby potentially impair cell(More)
The determination of HER2/neu status in breast carcinomas has become essential for the selection of breast cancer patients for Herceptin therapy. Herceptin treatment is used in patients with metastatic breast carcinoma with HER2/neu protein overexpression detected by immunohistochemistry (IHC) or gene amplification analysed by fluorescence in situ(More)
The yjoB gene of Bacillus subtilis encodes a 48.8-kDa protein belonging to the AAA family. Members of this family contain a 200-250-amino acid residues AAA domain carrying a Walker A and B ATP-binding site assumed to be part of a molecular chaperone. The yjoB gene belongs to the sigmaW regulon, and members of this regulon have been reported to be(More)
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