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Kefir grains are a unique symbiotic association of different microrganisms, mainly lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and occasionally acetic acid bacteria, cohabiting in a natural polysaccharide and a protein matrix. The microbial composition of kefir grains can be considered as extremely variable since it is strongly influenced by the geographical origin of the(More)
The rising consumer requests for natural flavors and fragrances have generated great interest in the aroma industry to seek new methods to obtain fragrance and flavor compounds naturally. An alternative and attractive route for these compounds is based on bio-transformations. In this review, the application of biocatalysis by Non Conventional Yeasts (NCYs)(More)
Following a review of studies on the presence of hormonal receptors in breast carcinoma, reference is made to personal experience with hormone treatment of 96 patients with breast cancer. On the basis of data obtained in clinical practice, it is concluded that in order to apply target hormone treatment, it is essential to carry out a full study of hormone(More)
OBJECTIVES Psychiatric evaluation of organ transplant candidates is now routinely proposed also in Italy. This study purposed to assess the psychological status in patients on hemo-dialysis, peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation; moreover other purpose is to investigate the possible differences among the three groups. MATERIALS AND METHODS 157(More)
Surgical operations characterised by the creation of a bilio-intestinal anastomosis are becoming an increasingly frequent procedure in bile tract surgery. Just as frequent and well known are the immediate and longer-term postoperative sequelae. Thus, one of the problems which has always interested surgeons and investigators is how best to monitor the(More)
Experimental research was carried out for the purpose of studying the behaviour of the vasa-vasorum in a group of animals in which, by means of a Weavenit prosthesis, the section of aorta lying between the branches of the renal arteries and the trifurcation of the terminal oartic section had been substituted. From the results of the research the Authors(More)