Simone De Liberato

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Carnot's theorem poses a fundamental limit on the maximum efficiency achievable from an engine that works between two reservoirs at thermal equilibrium. We extend this result to the case of arbitrary nonthermal stationary reservoirs, even with quantum coherence. In order to do this we prove that a single nonthermal reservoir is formally equivalent to(More)
The Szilard engine (SZE) is the quintessence of Maxwell's demon, which can extract the work from a heat bath by utilizing information. We present the first complete quantum analysis of the SZE, and derive an analytic expression of the quantum-mechanical work performed by a quantum SZE containing an arbitrary number of molecules, where it is crucial to(More)
To my father. II III Acknowledgements This work has been carried out at the MPQ laboratory of the Paris Diderot University. I'm grateful to Vincent Berger for allowing me to work in this young, lively, and stimulating laboratory and for constantly sustaining my research project. Thanks to his experience, creativity, and extensive knowledge of the physics of(More)
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