Simone Cordts

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Pollen tube guidance precedes the double fertilization of flowering plants. Here, we report the identification of a small maize protein of 94 amino acids involved in short-range signaling required for pollen tube attraction by the female gametophyte. ZmEA1 is exclusively expressed in the egg apparatus, consisting of the egg cell and two synergids. Chimeric(More)
All four members of a gene family, which are highly expressed in the cells of the female gametophyte (ZmES1--4: Zea mays embryo sac), were isolated from a cDNA library of maize egg cells. High expression of ZmES genes in the synergids around the micropylar region was detected in thin sections of maize ovaries. Single-cell RT--PCR analyses with the various(More)
We have isolated cDNAs representing more than 50 different genes from libraries of unfertilised egg cells and zygotes of maize, expression of which is up- or downregulated after in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Among the cDNAs isolated are seven which encode proteins that are probably involved in translation and two encoding proteins probably involved in DNA(More)
Differential screening of cDNA libraries of unfertilized egg cells and in vitro zygotes of maize resulted in the isolation of more than 50 different genes whose expression is up- or down-regulated after in vitro fertilization (IVF). Amoung these genes, we identified a cDNA encoding the eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF-5A. This highly conserved(More)
We report the identification and functional analysis of TRANSPARENT LEAF AREA1 (TLA1), a maize (Zea mays) gene representing a novel class of secreted, extremely hydrophobic peptides (proteolipids) with a C-terminal Caax box-like motif. ZmTLA1 encodes 27 amino acid residues and is most strongly expressed in the egg cell and microspores. Lower transcript(More)
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