Simone Cirillo

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This is the first reported case of long remission of abdominal metastases spread through a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt in an infant diagnosed, four years ago, at age 1 year and 10 months, to have cerebral medulloblastoma. Two years later, while in second complete remission of his cerebral tumor, he showed abdominal metastases, successfully treated by(More)
Cancer of the larynx in the intermediate/advanced stage still presents a major challenge in terms of controlling the disease and preserving the organ. Supratracheal partial laryngectomy (STPL) has been described as a function-sparing surgical procedure for laryngeal cancer with sub-glottic extension. The aim of the present multi-institutional study was to(More)
In this paper we describe a novel implementation of the Interpreter class for the metaheuristic optimization framework HeuristicLab, comparing it with the three existing interpreters provided with the framework. The Interpreter class is an internal software component utilized by HeuristicLab for the evaluation of the symbolic expression trees on which its(More)
We propose a Genetic Programming architecture for the generation of foreign exchange trading strategies. The sys-tem's principal features are the evolution of free-form strategies which do not rely on any prior models and the utilization of price series from multiple instruments as input data. This latter feature constitutes an innovation with respect to(More)
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