Simone Chiadò Piat

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BACKGROUND Healthcare professionals play a key role in tobacco use prevention because they are considered as model by patients. This multicenter study was aimed to evaluate smoking prevalence, knowledge and attitudes towards tobacco among Italian hospital professionals. METHODS A cross-sectional study was carried out using a questionnaire administered to(More)
BACKGROUND Young individuals are the age group with the highest risk of car accidents. One of main explanations relies on the use of psychoactive substances (alcohol, illegal and medicinal drugs), which are known to be major risk factors of road accidents, and whose consumption is almost universally more common among younger drivers. Although the(More)
OBJECTIVE To synthesize the determinants of gender inequalities through a narrative review that: (i) describes gender related variables that can create different levels of health; (ii) describes key points that may assist in policy development and its reorientation towards gender differences; (iii) debates potential approaches in understanding gender(More)
BACKGROUND Mass gatherings require attention toward planning and execution of dedicated medical care. OBJECTIVES The aims were to describe the organization and provision of medical care in the Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games in light of the epidemiology of illnesses and injuries among athletes during this event. METHODS The organization integrated 18(More)
Using a multidisciplinary questionnaire containing items from previously validated instruments (i.e. CAGE), during the year 2007 a survey (Valentino Project) was carried out on 4024 young workers (18-35 y) from Abruzzo, Italy to investigate the prevalence of use/abuse of alcohol, food, smoking, and drugs in different types of job categories, and to evaluate(More)
In Healthcare systems, to overcome the problem of the fragmented response to the medical needs of patients, new theoretical models and operative approaches have been proposed; the process-based approach is one of the solutions more appreciated. This approach has been adopted in different ways in different healthcare systems: typically the Case management,(More)
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