Simone Carletti

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Adamatzky, A. (2001a) Space-time dynamic of normalized doxatons: automata models of pathological collective mentality. A theory of higher level cognition and its relation to visual attention. Wisely non rational-a categorical view of emotional cognitive artificial perceptions. In D. Ca " namero (Ed.), Papers from the 1998 aaai fall symposium: Emotional and(More)
Issues concerning students involved with online learning paths, that need to be faced by e-Tutors on their day-today activity, most often than not fall into known pedagogical patterns – that are problems and difficulties already occurred in the past and dealt with. These pedagogical patterns belong to e-Tutors' know-how and experience and their resolution(More)
BACKGROUND Non-critical medical devices, as stethoscopes, have long been considered as vectors in microorganisms' transmission. Cleaning standards for non-critical medical equipment are often unclear. This study was designed to assess the attitude of General Practitioners (GPs) towards cleaning their stethoscope and the degree of microbiological(More)
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