Simone Batista

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This work considers a semi-implicit system ∆, that is, a pair (S, y), where S is a explicit system described by a state representation ẋ(t) = f(t, x(t), u(t)), where x(t) ∈ Rn and u(t) ∈ Rm, which is subject to a set of algebraic constraints y(t) = h(t, x(t), u(t)) = 0, where y(t) ∈ Rl. An input candidate is a set of functions v = (v1, . . . , vs), which(More)
This work considers a nonlinear time-varying system described by a state representation, with input u and state x. A given set of functions v, which is not necessarily the original input u of the system, is the (new) input candidate. The main result provides necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a local classical state space(More)
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