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— One of the key component of an Adaptive Optics system is the deformable mirror. This mirror can correct the atmospheric turbulence effects by changing its shape. In the last years Adaptive Secondary Mirrors (ASM) have been developed and the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) will be soon equipped with two ASMs. Each LBT ASM unit has 672 voice-coil force(More)
Solar gains exploitation by utilizing large glass facades and concrete core thermal energy storing capacity. Efficient Building Energy Management in a well-insulated modern building construction. Energy consumption reduction by maintaining user comfort. High inertia large scale office building test case, located in Germany. Keywords: High-inertia buildings(More)
Several classes of identifier and non-identifier based adaptive control schemes using a supervisory switching logic have been proposed in the literature. These schemes are based on different assumptions and claim to guarantee certain stability and performance properties. The purpose of this paper is to clarify what each algorithm guarantess in theory and(More)
—This paper describes a new control scheme for Approximately Optimal Control (AOC) of nonlinear systems, Convex Control Design (ConvCD). The key idea of ConvCD is to transform the approximate optimal control problem into a convex Semi-Definite Programming (SDP) problem. Contrary to the majority of existing AOC designs where the problem that is addressed is(More)