Simone Baldi

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— The inability of existing theoretical and practical tools to scaleably and efficiently deal with the control of complex, uncertain and time-changing large-scale systems, not only leads to a effort-, time-and cost-consuming deployment of Large-Scale Control Systems (LSCSs), but also prohibits the wide application of LSCS in areas and applications where(More)
Several multiple model adaptive control architectures have been proposed in the literature. Despite many advances in theory, the crucial question of how to synthesize the pairs model/controller in a structurally optimal way is to a large extent not addressed. In particular, it is not clear how to place the pairs model/controller is such a way that the(More)
—This paper describes a new control scheme for Approximately Optimal Control (AOC) of nonlinear systems, Convex Control Design (ConvCD). The key idea of ConvCD is to transform the approximate optimal control problem into a convex Semi-Definite Programming (SDP) problem. Contrary to the majority of existing AOC designs where the problem that is addressed is(More)