Simona Vasilache

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Requirements specification is one of the most important phases in developing a software application. In defining the behavior of a system, requirements specifications make use of a number of scenarios that are interrelated in many ways. Most of the current approaches, even though giving directions on how to translate them into state machines, treat each(More)
Requirements specifications often make use of a number of scenarios that are interrelated and that depend on each other in many ways. However, they are often treated separately, one by one. We propose a new type of diagrams, named dependency diagrams, which are able to illustrate the various kinds of relationships existing between scenarios. We make use of(More)
The paper discusses the perceptions of organizational intelligence dimensions in Romanian companies, taking into account the degree of awareness employees have, in relation to this concept, and the overall investments in R&D at the industry level. Starting from the concept of organizational intelligence, the way it is defined in recent literature, we(More)
The paper discusses, critically, the vogue of Hofstede's system in cross-cultural research, and reveals the traps of classifying cultures, generating, thus, neo-stereotypes. Starting from a content analysis of last years' scientific production in the field of cultural encounters, with a special emphasis on the European East - Asian East (People's Republic(More)
The paper proposes decision tools to be used by commercial banks in order to classify the companies applying for credits in good and bad creditors, based on the number of days of delay in payment. Probit regression and neural networks, applied to a sample of companies which delayed or not their credit reimbursements are used to orient the decision taken by(More)
In Anatomy of a Hospital, Ashley (1987) makes an intriguing figurative diagnosis of the hospital organizational life. So it is this hospital culture, supported by many figures, but still intriguing in its essence, and posing threats to whoever would attempt to approach it in an orderly managerial manner. To speak about innovation in a system which is(More)