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Adoption of security standards has the capability of improving the security level in an organization as well as to provide additional benefits and possibilities to the organization. However mapping of used standards has to be done when more than one security standard is employed in order to prevent redundant activities, not optimal resource management and(More)
A b s t r a c t : There are many security standards which a company can use. Sometimes usage of security standards can be required by regulating institutions. While security standards can differ in purpose and covered area, more than one standard can be used at the same time which leads to overlap and potential conflicts in requirements of different(More)
The advantages of curved screen displays find their place in populations everyday life, therefore it is important to adapt the existing eye tracking systems for estimating the gaze point on a curved screen. In this paper we present a curved screen based gaze point estimation model. This model provides methods for estimating the gaze point position by eye(More)
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