Simona Olivieri

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An extended, revised form of Tim Buckwalter's Arabic lexical and morphological resource AraMorph, eXtended Revised AraMorph (henceforth XRAM), is presented which addresses a number of weaknesses and inconsistencies of the original model by allowing a wider coverage of real-world Classical and contemporary (both formal and informal) Arabic texts. Building(More)
Text encoding is considered as the most functional outset to store and retrieve data, with trees of information and lists of concordances as its first immediate results, but there is a wide range of possible results opening up when a complete encoding process is accomplished. The three case studies described in this paper are meant to give an overall view(More)
Understanding the real behavior of a Wireless Sensor Network application before the implementation enables engineers to reduce development time and cost because it makes possible the optimization of system resource utilization. In this context, this paper present an extension to an existing reference framework in which the designer can build network(More)
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