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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the ultrasound (US) characteristics of peripheral nerves in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP) and their correlations with electrodiagnostic (EDX) characteristics. METHODS Nineteen patients with CIDP and 19 healthy controls matched by age and body mass index were included in a blind case-control,(More)
Cultures of Schwann cells from neonatal rat sciatic nerves were treated with acetylcholine agonists and the effects on cell proliferation evaluated. (3)[H]-thymidine incorporation shows that acetylcholine (ACh) receptor agonists inhibit cell proliferation, and FACS analysis demonstrates cell-cycle arrest and accumulation of cells in the G1 phase. The use of(More)
The expression of different muscarinic receptor subtypes was analyzed in immature Schwann cells obtained from sciatic nerve of 2-day neonatal rats. By using RT-PCR analysis, we demonstrated the presence of M1, M2, M3, and M4 receptor subtypes in cultured Schwann cells, with M2 displaying the highest expression levels. Muscarinic subtypes were also(More)
Glial cells express acetylcholine receptors. In particular, rat Schwann cells express different muscarinic receptor subtypes, the most abundant of which is the M2 subtype. M2 receptor activation causes a reversible arrest of the cell cycle. This negative effect on Schwann cell proliferation suggests that these cells may possibly progress into a(More)
In order to understand better the role of the human Tip60 complex component Gas41, we analysed its expression levels in brain tumours and searched for possible interactors. Two-hybrid screening of a human foetal brain library allowed identification of some molecular interactors of Gas41. Among them we found n-Myc transcription factor. The interaction(More)
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