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Interoperability and social implication are two current challenges in the digital library (DL) context. To resolve the problem of interoperability, our work aims to find a relationship between the main metadata schemas. In particular, we want to formalize knowledge through the creation of a metadata taxonomy built with the analysis and the integration of(More)
The attention of researchers in the field of signal analysis has recently been captured by several kinds of reassignment techniques. Among the reallocation methods the Synchrosqueezing approach maps a continuous wavelet transform from the timescale to the time-frequency plane, allowing a much more definite and consistent representation of the frequency(More)
In recent years search engines have become the go-to methods for achieving many types of knowledge, spanning from detailed descriptions or general information interesting to the user. Likewise several reassignment techniques are capturing the attention of researchers in the field of signal analysis. Particularly, the Synchrosqueezing Wavelet Transform -SST(More)
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