Simona Elena Albu

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Massive vaginal bleeding represents one of the emergencies that the gynecologists have to deal with. When unresponsive to the haemostatic treatment (local or iv), the bleeding can be stopped by using the uterine artery embolization. It provides visualization of the bleeding site and enables targeted, minimally invasive therapy to achieve hemostasis. We(More)
Haloperidol was synthesized on the 11th of February 1958 at the Janssen Laboratories, in Belgium. Soon after its synthesis and animal studies, which suggested to Paul Janssen and his colleagues that this butyrophenone drug would be of great interest as its action was similar but much more powerful than that of chlorpromazine, haloperidol was administered to(More)
In the last decades, functional Urology developed itself as a subspecialty, and, although is strongly linked to Urology, it has its own language, devices and dedicated people. The ice water test (IWT) was first described in 1957 and gained its place in the armamentarium of functional urologists for the coming years. Now, when urodynamic devices are more and(More)
Currently, transcranial hypophysectomy is infrequently used since the trans-sphenoidal approach is very effective and less invasive. Prolactinomas represent one of the rarest indications for pituitary surgery due to the spectacular effects of dopamine agonists as cabergoline. A 66-year-old female presented at age of 52 with headache, low blood pressure. The(More)
Background Abdominal wall defects repair using prosthetic material is currently considered as the best available solution for most incisional hernias. Postoperatory suppuration remains the most frequent and fearful complication after this kind of intervention therefore imposing prevention methods. The aim of our study was to evaluate this serious yet(More)
Results We present the results of 87 patients with acute angiocholitis, evaluated and treated by a multidisciplinary team. The results are influenced mainly by the multiple therapeutic options and especially by how they were set for this pathology, for which there is no gold standard regarding the treatment. The particularity of this study stems from the(More)
A1 The outcome of patients with recurrent versus non-recurrent pneumococcal meningitis in a tertiary health-care hospital in Bucharest Cristian-Mihail Niculae, Eliza Manea, Raluca Jipa, Simona Merisor, Ruxandra Moroti, Serban Benea, Adriana Hristea National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Balș”, Bucharest, Romania; Carol Davila University(More)
Methods This study was carried out in the Surgery and Emergency Clinic III of the University Emergency Hospital Bucharest. It is based on a 5 year experience (2010-2014), retrospective evaluation on 224 incision hernias resolved with prosthetic material, of which 216 in a clean environment and 28 in a clean-contaminated environment. For all the cases the(More)
The authors examined 449 samples of urine, bacteriologically important for the minor infection, collected from the patients with clinical forms of urinary infection. Using a selective medium--CMV, enteric agar (Romanian patent--9345/1989), 567 strains of gram-negative germs, chemically belonging to group I (Enterobacteria)-475/83.77%, or to groups II-VI,(More)