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There is a great diversity of ways to use fuzzy inference in robot control systems, either in the place where it is applied in the control scheme or in the form or type of inference algorithms used. On the other hand, artificial neural networks ability to simulate nonlinear systems is used in different researches in order to develop automated control(More)
The determination of the eigenvalues (also known as characteristic roots, proper values, or latent roots) of a matrix is extremely important in physics and engineering, where it is equivalent to matrix diagonalization and arises in such common applications as stability analysis, the physics of rotating bodies, and small oscillations of vibrating systems(More)
The increasing sophistication of computer programs and communication systems requires the development of more efficient and interactive human-computer interfaces. One solution to this problem could be the brain - machine interfaces. The aim of this paper is to explore the possibilities of using context dependent interpretations of EEG signals, in addition(More)
1. Ioan Dzitac, Parallel and distributed procedures in solving of some operatorial equations/ Procedee de calcul parallel şi distribuit în rezolvarea unor ecuaŃii operatoriale, Teză de doctorat; Universitatea " Babeş-Bolyai " Cluj Napoca, 2002 (teză nepublicată) (RO) B. CĂRłI ŞI CAPITOLE ÎN CĂRłI B.2. Lista de monografii publicate B.2. Lista de materiale(More)
Web-based adaptive collaborative learning environments are more often used to support face to face teaching activities. This paper describes how the educational process may be improved and students may be motivated to do homework tasks and to attend classes in higher education. We describe the implementation and use of e-learning platforms and present our(More)
Cellular automata (CA) are used to simulate a various number of complex processes, based on simple rules applied to a large population of cells. Wear of turbine blades is also a very complex process which is analyzed in most cases using empirical data. The model described in this paper uses cellular automata obeying a set of rules and using values of(More)
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