Simona Catalina Stefan

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Internet-based cognitive-behavioral therapy (iCBT) for social anxiety disorder has been found effective, as attested by independently conducted randomized controlled trials in four languages. The study aim is to test the efficacy of an iCBT program in a culture where it was not tested before (i.e. Romania). METHODS Participants (n =(More)
Over the last decades, around the world, the concept of competitiveness was long debated by economists (and others), widely used and even sometimes overused. Although at the theoretical level, a number of determinant factors of health care organizations’ competitiveness have been proposed, their diversity and the little empirical data available argues for(More)
The current study investigated the correspondence between positive beliefs about worry and the actual functions of worry, as they are perceived on the spot, in a stressful, uncontrollable circumstance. Participants (N = 79) were immersed in a stressful and uncontrollable situation, that of an impromptu speech. Half of the participants were randomly assigned(More)
The current study addressed the functions of worry in controllable and uncontrollable stressful situations, with the purpose of testing the "truth" behind positive beliefs about worry. All participants (N=72) were immersed in a stressful situation, that of delivering a speech in front of a camera, and they were randomly allocated to two experimental(More)
In a meta-analysis, Johnsen and Friborg (2015) reported a significant negative relationship between publication year and the effect sizes (ESs) of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for depressive disorders, suggesting its effectiveness was falling. We identified a series of methodological and conceptual caveats and consequently redid the meta-analysis. We(More)
OBJECTIVE Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), introduced by Albert Ellis in the late 1950s, is one of the main pillars of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Existing reviews on REBT are overdue by 10 years or more. We aimed to summarize the effectiveness and efficacy of REBT since its beginnings and investigate the alleged mechanisms of change. METHOD(More)
Major depressive disorder is a highly prevalent and debilitating condition in youth, so developing efficient treatments is a priority for mental health professionals. Psychotherapy (i.e., cognitive behavioral therapy/CBT), pharmacotherapy (i.e., SSRI medication), and their combination have been shown to be effective in treating youth depression; however,(More)
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