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The contribution of different families of lymphocytotoxic antibodies in the serologic reactivity of 45 highly sensitized dialysis patients (HSDP) (panel reactivity antibody value-PRA greater than 80%) was assessed by analyzing patients' sera for the presence of auto- and alloreactive IgM and alloreactive IgG antibodies. A total of 220 sera was screened at(More)
Rosettes with ox erythrocytes coated with purified IgG antibody were used to detect Fc receptors on neutrophils from 60 patients with solid neoplasias and from 55 normal controls. The mean average of the rosettes in the patients was 48.10%, and that in normal controls was 79.42%, with a highly significant difference according to the Wilcoxon test [negative(More)
This study has demonstrated that in the majority of high-peritonitis-incidence (PI) CAPD patients the defective opsonic activity levels in the peritoneal dialysis effluent (PDE) are restored for 3 weeks by a 12 g IP injection of immunoglobulins (Ig). Further studies showed that in a minority of high-PI CAPD patients who also had low PDE IgG and opsonic(More)
Exposure to silica minerals is associated with silicosis and autoimmune disorders, especially systemic scleroderma. Evidence of this association has been increasingly reported in the last decade. The aim of this paper is to discuss, on the basis of a literature review, the case of a 28-year-old female dental technician who suffered from episodes of(More)
The present study addresses three methodological questions that have been ignored in previous research on EEG indices of the human mirror neuron system (hMNS), particularly in regard to autistic individuals. The first question regards how to elicit the EEG indexed hMNS during movement observation: Is hMNS activation best elicited using long stimulus(More)
We analyzed the effects of monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL), a relatively nontoxic immunostimulant derived from bacterial endotoxin, on the depressed in vitro immune function of leukocytes derived from six patients undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and who had histories of recurrent bacterial peritonitis. MPL was also tested for its capacity(More)
Previous research suggested that EEG markers of mirror neuron system activation may differ, in the normal population as a function of different levels of the autistic spectrum quotient; (AQ). The present study aimed at modulating the EEG sensorimotor reactivity induced by hand movement observation by means of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation(More)
In an endogenous cueing paradigm with central visual cues, observers made speeded responses to tactile targets at the hands, which were either close together or far apart, and holding either two separate objects or one common object between them. When the hands were far apart, the response time costs associated with attending to the wrong hand were reduced(More)
58 patients were treated by discontinuous flow plasma exchange because of an immune complex (IC) disease. 41 patients who had a high level of circulating IC prior to plasmapheresis showed both clinical and immunochemical evidence of improvement with plasma exchange. Only 2 patients with a high level of IC did not improve after therapy: these patients(More)