Simona Calza

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Nestling birds solicit food from their parents by displaying their open brightly coloured gapes. Carotenoids affect gape colour, but also play a central role in immunostimulation. Therefore, we hypothesize that, by differentially allocating resources to nestlings with more brightly coloured gapes, parents favour healthy offspring which are able to allocate(More)
The beneficial effects of hot springs have been known for centuries and treatments with sulphurous thermal waters are recommended in a number of chronic pathologies as well as acute recurrent infections. However, the positive effects of the therapy are often evaluated in terms of subjective sense of wellbeing and symptomatic clinical improvements. Here, the(More)
We analysed the morphology of nestling barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) in relation to their sex, and laying and hatching order. In addition, we studied sex-allocation in relation to parentage, parental age and expression of a secondary sexual character of fathers. Molecular sexing was conducted using the sex chromosome-linked avian CHD1 gene. Sex of the(More)
The search for biomarkers of response to antipsychotic medications is hindered by difficulties inherent in the topic or related to persistent methodological difficulties, such as high rates of anticipated discontinuation and consequent distortions in the imputation of missing data. Because early response to antipsychotics represents a sufficiently reliable(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronically ill patients have to take several medications and non-adherence to treatment can lead to severe and negative outcomes. Therefore, several interventions are suggested in literature to improve adherence rates in clinical practice. Adherence to treatment can be particularly troublesome in adolescents, who strive for autonomy and(More)
Aim The aim of this study was to assess the number of falls that occurred among children admitted to a children's hospital and explore their characteristics. Method A descriptive, longitudinal, prospective design was chosen. Data were collected from records of a children's hospital over six months and analysed using descriptive statistics. Results Fifty(More)
AIM To test if the Barrows Cards method improves adherence to immunosuppressive therapy self-management following hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation in adolescents affected by blood cancer and reduce costs. BACKGROUND Chronically ill adolescents need to be helped to improve self-management, make sure they can confidently and safely manage therapy at(More)
In the literature, there is evidence about the importance of ensuring a Family-Centered approach for foreign patients to provide culturally competent care. The Italian context shows a lack of studies concerning nurses' perceptions regarding factors that influence foreign patients' daily care. In addition, the number of pediatric patients coming to Italian(More)
UNLABELLED Theme: Accreditation and quality improvement Introduction: Most of the nurses know the principles of family-centred care (FCC) and can define it. However, we need to investigate their real perceptions about this philosophy of care. AIMS The aim of this research paper is to analyze how nurses from Gaslini Hospital perceive FCC practices. We use(More)
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