Simona Bondavalli

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Twenty children (15 males and 5 females) suffering from a particular type of myoclonic epilepsy were submitted to a longitudinal study. All children were neurologically normal. Familial antecedents existed for epilepsy in 25% of the cases (5/20) and for febrile convulsions in 15% (3/20). The first fit appeared with fever at the mean age of 6 months in all(More)
The authors describe the electroclinical aspects and evolution of nine cases of myoclonic epileptic encephalopathy which began between two days and ten weeks of life. at onset it is associated with: myoclonic jerks, partial fits and periodic paroxysmal EEG abnormalities. Repeated spasms coexisting with partial fits and ‘suppression-bursts’ (both appearing(More)
The histopathological and ultrastructural findings on a nerve biopsy specimen and on a CNS necropsy specimen in a case of IML with a typical clinical course are reported. Nerve biopsy once again proved to be a sure diagnostic guide even at an early stage of the disease. Some differences in the fine structure of the cytosomes between the nerve biopsy and CNS(More)
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