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Resting cysts of Parentocirrus hortualis Voß, 1997 (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia), with preliminary notes on encystation and various types of excystation.
This is the first report of division in resting cysts of oxytrichids, but reproduction in division cysts was already described in keronopsids. Expand
A Study on Resting Cysts of an Oxytrichid Soil Ciliate, Rigidohymena quadrinucleata (Dragesco and Njine, 1971) Berger, 2011 (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia), including Notes on its Encystation and
The results suggest that not only ciliate resting cysts, but also the excystation process is much more variable than what literature data indicate. Expand
Current knowledge of the starvation and reproduction stages of the limnic species Holophrya teres (Ciliophora: Prostomatea)
It is revealed that the life cycles of limnic ciliates are somewhat more diversified than theLife cycles of terrestrial groups of ciliate, as well as reproductive (tomites), temporary and resting cysts. Expand
Light microscopy observations on the encystation and excystation processes of the ciliate Phacodinium metchnikoffi (Ciliophora, Phacodiniidae), including additional information on its resting cysts
The scope of our study presents a light microscopy study on the encystation, excystation and morphology of the resting cysts of the spirotrich ciliate, Phacodinium metchnikoffi. During theExpand
The total conjugation process of the free-living ciliate Paraurostyla weissei (Ciliophora: Spirotrichea): the unexpected response to unfavorable fluctuations in the environment
This study presents a light microscopy observation of the life cycle of the hypotrich ciliate, Paraurostyla weissei, and makes the first reference not to the course of the conjugation process, but to the fact that not only the formation of resting cysts, but also total conjugations can be an important adaptation strategy of the ciliates. Expand