Simona Amuso

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Insulin resistance is a complex altered metabolic condition characterized by impaired insulin signaling and implicated in the pathogenesis of serious human diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative pathologies. In pursuing our aim to identify new agents able to improve cellular insulin sensitivity, we have synthesized new(More)
The ERA-EDTA codes for primary renal disease (ERA-EDTA PRD code) were implemented many years ago as a tool to use during the annual census of the European Register. They encompassed all those kidney diseases that terminate in uremia, grouped together in various sections, to produce a document that, in a pre-computer age, would guarantee the simplicity of(More)
In pursuing our research targeting the identification of potent inhibitors of PTP1B and LMW-PTP, we have identified new 4-[(5-arylidene-2-arylimino-4-oxo-3-thiazolidinyl)methyl]benzoic acids endowed with interesting in vitro inhibitory profiles. Most compounds proved to be inhibitors of PTP1B and LMW-PTP isoform IF1. The tested inhibitors also showed(More)
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